A kind of improved Sutherland Cohen clipping algorithm

Of long wavelength InAsSb semiconductor materials before annealing treatment, after Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) transmission spectra, composition element indium, antimony and arsenic in the epitaxial layer distribution and electrical properties of the changes in the. InAs0.05Sb0.95 epitaxial layer was grown on InAs substrate by melt epitaxy (ME) technology, and the thickness of epitaxial layer reached 100 m. At 350, the sample was annealed at 11h. Measurement results show that the annealing treatment InAsSb sample electron mobilities from s, 300K of 43600cm2\/ (V) improve to 77K under the 48300cm2\/ (v s), the uniform distribution of electrical properties of materials and elements has been significantly improved.
Cohen-Sutherland cutting algorithm reduces the algorithm efficiency because of the number of intersection points between straight line and window boundary. A kind of improved Sutherland Cohen clipping algorithm, first will be completely outside the window and the window line judge and auxiliary line is determined according to the end of the line coding, reuse plane three point to judge the relationship between linear and the window of which edges intersect, is proposed in this paper. The improved algorithm makes finding the number of nodes to fall to two times, and avoids calculating slope and distance, which greatly improves the efficiency of the algorithm. The algorithm has the advantages of simple operation, convenient operation, and the application of graphics.
The people 50 years, changed the history of three years of the Yellow River two burst situation, to ensure the safety of downstream flood in summer and autumn. But Alan guarantee at the same time, the river bed is to raise the deposit, levee increasingly higher, environmental disaster causing factors change River caused by disaster factors also in the continuous accumulation, non engineering flood control measures still exist many problems. Through the comprehensive analysis of various factors that the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River flood control situation is still very serious, must increase the investment for the Yellow River harness, vigorously carry out the basic research work, take comprehensive control measures for.

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